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Fraud, the Mobile Ecosystem and Number Verification: Prevention, Application & More

Bradley Greer, Senior Director of Data Solutions & Partnerships for netnumber , shares highlights from a recent MEF Webinar where he chats to Director of Programmes for MEF, James Williams, about tackling fraud through number verification, and explains in detail some of netnumber’s own tools and solutions.
The Role of Mobile Operator APIs in Empowering Secure Global Communications 1

Featured Speakers

The Role of Mobile Operator APIs in Empowering Secure Global Communications

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are a foundational enabler of our global mobile ecosystem, empowering crucial mobile network functions and enriching the way users interact with the digital realm.

Featured Speakers

Mastering the Opt-In: the Tools That Keep Business Communications On Track

During the recent MEF CONNECTS Business Messaging in Dublin, MEF CEO Dario Betti spoke with Catalin Badea, VP of Product Management at netnumber , a global leader in phone number intelligence data, about the tools necessary for keeping business communications’ lists reliable and up to date so that enterprises can continue building strong customer rapport without losing trust.

Featured Speakers

The Power of Data as an Identifier: the Good, the Bad & the Ugly

Bradley Greer, Senior Director of Data Solutions & Partnerships for netnumber , shares an overview of his presentation shown during MEF CONNECTS Personal Data: ID & AUTH in London – available to watch on demand now.

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Building an Intelligent, Data-Based Fraud Protection Ecosystem in an Evolving Mobile Landscape

Newton’s Third Law tells us that with every action comes an equal and opposite reaction. This is exactly the predicament that the mobile communications landscape finds itself in as it innovates: As next-generation capabilities are cultivated, the landscape of fraud and malicious activity grows in scope and sophistication.

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Architecting-A2P you can trust the key to secure next gen enterprise communications

Application to person (A2P) messaging, also known as enterprise SMS, is a key enabler of richer, more satisfying and personalized customer communications in an era when end users want to be reached on their preferred platforms and in their preferred format. Of course, with the ability to communicate via personal devices comes a responsibility to keep that channel secure. After all, customers must trust in an enterprise’s ability to protect them against threat — without that ongoing trust, all is lost. As a result, the communications ecosystem must find the most advanced ways to optimize A2P strategies and protect against evolving security threats, or risk losing out on the value it holds for businesses across the globe.