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The networking industry is undergoing a huge transformation.  IMS, SDN, NFV, LTE…This blog is designed to make sense of the alphabet soup and invite discussion on the issues carriers, cable operators and content providers are facing today as they transition their networks to handle the next generation services users expect.

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Preparing for the IoT Opportunity

Much has been written about the Internet of Things (IoT) as a major opportunity for carriers.  With 20-30 billions of devices, applications and sensors expected to connect to the Internet by 2020, carriers can expect to see opportunities for new services, up-selling and cross-selling with more partners, and increased levels of customer experience and service […]

Helping Carriers Choose a Path to Digitalization

Kim Gibbons This week, 5G North America brought together vendors and carriers to discuss how the network is going to evolve to support 5G and examples of digital strategies various carriers are pursuing today. Clearly, digitalization is viewed as a path to growth for carriers. But that path to digital transformation is varied, depending on […]

Business Models for the Interconnect Carrier

Kim Gibbons Over the past several months, we’ve been exploring the concept of innovation – what does it mean for carriers and for their vendor partners.  We’ve explored the concepts of digitalization as a path to growth for carriers, and the requirements to innovate services as well as business practices. Last month, NetNumber participated in […]

How Vendors can Innovate for Telcos

Kim Gibbons, NetNumber CMO This week, NetNumber CMO Kim Gibbons attended the Telecom Council Carrier Connections (TC3), that brings together vendors, telcos, investors to discuss the innovations needed by carriers and how to get them to market faster. Everything will be connected, and this will require telcos to transform into a digital business. Those that […]

How Telcos Can Get Started on the Path to Digitalization

Kim Gibbons, NetNumber CMO Last month, we explored why digitalization is becoming an important enabler of telco growth and how telcos can bring advanced communication capabilities to vertical markets and create new revenue streams. However, becoming a digital business requires telcos to provide value beyond communications, delivering software-based platforms that enable self-service, personalization, security, analytics, […]

Digitization: Enabling New Business Models for Telcos

Digitization is becoming an important enabler of telco growth, with promises of enhanced revenue streams, cost savings and improved customer satisfaction.  According to STL Partners, “digital business should represent 25+% of Telco revenue by 2020 to avoid long-term industry decline.” If digitization is the new business model, what does this mean for telcos? A focus on vertical […]

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